Monday, January 31, 2011

Intel Product Recall

This in from Intel today "As part of ongoing quality assurance, Intel Corporation has discovered a design issue in a recently released support chip, the Intel® 6 Series, code-named Cougar Point, and has implemented a silicon fix. In some cases, the Serial-ATA (SATA) ports within the chipsets may degrade over time, potentially impacting the performance or functionality of SATA-linked devices such as hard disk drives and DVD-drives. The chipset is utilized in PCs with Intel's latest Second Generation Intel Core processors, code-named Sandy Bridge. Intel has stopped shipment of the affected support chip from its factories. Intel has corrected the design issue, and has begun manufacturing a new version of the support chip which will resolve the issue."

We, of course, do not use this chip set nor do we use the new Intel sandy bridge processor with the video processor on the CPU. This set up not only steals system RAM to run video, like some motherboards with the gpu chip on them, it also steals CPU threads. nice double whammy. Your 8 threaded CPU becomes 6 or 5 threaded and your 6 gig of RAM becomes 4 or 5.

good luck and good gaming
the folks at Psychsoftpc

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Most anticipated PC games for 2011

So, PC World published their take on the most anticipated games of 2011. As usual, there are plenty of console only games in the mix, which we of course, will ignore. Hey, we're PC gamers. We don't care about non-pc games unless they're coming to a PC near us soon.

So, here's the list of PC games mentioned:

Dragon Age II:

They say: "Dragon Age II refreshes BioWare's dark-fantasy role-playing series with new areas, spells, and weapons, as well as a new visual style that looks vaguely cartoonish (in a good way), the series' first full-voiced protagonist, and, of course, more awkwardly written romantic trysts."

We say: yes, we're looking forward to it, but the whole vaguely cartoonish visual style thing sort of puts us off. That and the limiting of character customization. No elves, seriously?

Crysis 2:

They say: "Most of us still can't run Crytek's three-year-old alien-shooter Crysis at a decent frame rate with the bells and whistles maxed. Crysis 2, staged in New York three years after the events of its predecessor, promises to cripple a whole new generation of graphics cards."

We say: What are you talking about? We can run Crysis maxed just fine. Oh, wait, they must be using some other guy's PC. Any way, this is going to be awesome. Really looking forward to the graphics and the action.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

They say: "The original Deus Ex won a bunch of awards, but Deus Ex 2 was kind of a mess. Whither Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Who knows, but you can expect more body mods, transhuman abilities, and cyberpunk voguing from this action-role-playing Deus Ex prequel"

We say: Prequel, hmm? Don't know about this one. Maybe we'll check it out when we're not playing Dragon Age II.


They say: "Id Software makes heart-stoppingly gorgeous technology demos that someone else usually has to turn into a decent game. There's no reason yet to think otherwise of the post-apocayptic first-person shooter Rage--but as they say, there's a first time for everything."

We say: yes, yes yes!!! we saw the trailor of this and it's unbelievably awesome. The visuals are stunning and the world is massive and varied. You won't run into the same tree twice. That's the new tech they were talking about. Yes, it does remind us of Fallout whatever, but we're really looking forward to seeing how this is on the PC.

Star Wars: Old Republic:

They say: "The guys behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic make an MMO sequel set 300 years after the Knights series with two factions (guess which two!) and eight instantly recognizable classes? What could possibly go wrong?"

We say: We're not that into mmo's around here ( I know, shocking), but even we are anticipating this release with baited breath. Hey, Knights of the Old Republic got us hooked right away. This may hook a whole new audience on MMO's.

Batman: Arkham City:
They say: "Batman breaks out of the asylum and roams around Gotham City in this sequel, doing more or less what he did in the last game: scanning for clues, untangling forensic mysteries, solving riddles, pounding villains, and looking oh-so-cool in gun-blue latex."

We say:  We have to play this, if only for the modern industrial goth look. And, of course, getting to be Batman and pound folks. But we STILL don't get the whole Arkham City thing. Like we said before, it's a city now? since when?

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:

They say: "What we wouldn't give for a few screens of Bethesda's fifth-in-the-series role-playing epic. All we know so far is that it uses a new 3D engine and that it's set in Skyrim, a northern province in the Elder Scrolls geography. Oh, and it'll have dragons"

We say:  New Elder Scrolls? We are so there!!  This should really give Dragon Age II a run for their money. Plus we know there will be elves, and none of that cartoonish graphics style. Around here, we like realism in our unreal realms. And elves.

Diablo III:

They say: "In late 2011, expect the action-role-playing game Diablo III to set the world of mouse-spamming games on fire--over a decade after Diablo II inspired critics to scribble stuff like "It's utterly mindless, but I can't stop playing it."

We say: Wait, a new Dragon Age, a new Elder Scrolls and a new Diablo? Is this the best year ever?

Mass Effect 3:

They say: "The Earth looks pretty much screwed, judging from the trailer that BioWare teased for Mass Effect 3 in early December. No doubt you'll have something to say about that in the concluding chapter of the sci-fi role-playing trilogy."

We say: They don't know Commander Shepard. We are anxiously awaiting Mass Effect 3, hoping for more DLC's for Mass Effect 2 than the announced one (didn't they say at least four?) and hoping for a sequel beyond this, even though it's supposed to be a trilogy. Best space RPG ever.


They say: "The classic turn-based strategy game X-COM rebooted as a first-person shooter? We'd be holding our noses, too, if it weren't under development at 2K Marin, the same studio that gave us BioShock 2, one of 2010's very best."

We say: don't know about this one. we need to take a serious look at it before we decide.

Well that's it for this week. hope you all survived the New Year's holiday relatively in tact.

Good luck and good gaming.

the folks at Psychsoftpc