Monday, February 27, 2017

Virtual Reality Comes to Professional Workstations for In VR Game Development from Psychsoftpc with the NVidia Quadro P5000

With the rush to Virtual Reality Ready Computers in full swing for some time now there was one thing missing, VR Ready Professional Workstations for Engineers, CAD, 3D Artists, Architects, Designers, Marketers and VR Content Creators. The just released NVidia Quadro P5000 available in Psychsoftpc Workstations now takes care of that in a big way.

The new Quadro P5000 delivers an astounding 8.9 Tflops.  The previous model M5000 delivered 4.3 Tflops. This is more than double the processing power of the king of the hill M5000 from just one year ago. And with 2560 cuda cores the P5000 gives you a performance boost of 2.6x over last year's M5000, while throughput has increased 65%. The P5000 comes with 16 GB of GDDR5X memory twice that of the M5000 with a 36% increase in bandwidth.

But the big news is that VR finally comes to the Workstation Graphics market with the Quadro P5000 and Psychsoftpc's Psyborg Extreme Professional Workstation. Pros can now create VR content and experience Virtual Reality without having to settle for a Gaming VR Ready Graphics card. And with In VR Game development now supported by Unreal Engine, developers can now take advantage of an authentic official Workstation Graphics Card in Virtual Reality doing real time VR development in a virtual environment. That also means they can now take advantage of all the built in features of AutoCad and other professional programs in their content creation.

Naturally, we at Psychsoftpc are now building our Psyborg Extreme Master Workstations with these awesome cards. Of course, we are using the new Quadro P level cards throughout our entire Professional Workstation line. So even our entry level Workstations are now VR Ready and set for those with an artistic bent looking to get into Virtual Reality content.

We build all of our machines by hand and subscribe to a Just In Time philosophy. We are constantly evolving our machines with the very latest technology and are often the first to put out machines that take advantage of the latest tech because we don't stock parts or pre-build machines which have to moved before we can use the most advanced technology in our machines. So while the other guys can take months to put out machines with the latest, fastest tech, we @Psychsoftpc can take days. Thomas Friedman in his book Thank You For Being Late says we must constantly adapt to rapid shifts in technology because of accelerating technological change, specifically the impact of  Moore’s Law and market forces which are linking the world more powerfully than ever before. Unlike the other guys out there, Psychsoftpc embraces this. We are constantly adapting and improving our machines. We don't release new model names, we just improve the machines we build with the latest tech as it comes out. So if you want it first, look to us.

With Architects, engineers, marketing mavens, sales people and designers all getting into VR for use in their professions, now is the perfect time to upgrade your machine. When you do, think of Psychsoftpc first.



Computers Built in the USA With Traditional Massachusetts Craftsmanship by Psychsoftpc. Psychsoftpc was among the first companies to offer Linux as a preinstalled option on its machines, the first to offer turn key entry level Linux Cluster Supercomputers affordable for small businesses, the first to offer a Digital Signage controller PC, one of a select few recognized by NVidia and Autocad for quality and capability in High Performance Professional Workstation design and manufacture, the first and only company to offer a Point of Sale Print Signage solution (currently in use in many major US retail chains), one of the first five companies to make authorized Tesla Personal Supercomputers, the first to offer Tesla Personal Supercomputers with Linux, the first and one of only two companies to produce turn key Hadoop Clusters for Big Data Analysis and the first to make Virtual Reality Ready Gaming Computers all while maintaining complete manufacturing in the USA.

Psychsoftpc makes high performance Virtual Reality ready Gaming Computers, GPU Tesla Personal Supercomputers, Virtual Reality ready Graphics Workstations and turn key Big Data Hadoop Clusters in Quincy, MA Computers Built in the United States With Traditional Massachusetts Craftsmanship by Psychsoftpc of Quincy, MA USA

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