Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Fallout New Vegas DLC

So the first Fallout New Vegas DLC has been announced and will be ready on Dec 21st. Called Dead Money, it takes place in the Sierra Madre Hotel. You wake up with an exploding collar around your neck and are forced to work with a crew you've never met to storm the hotel and recover treasure for some unknown person or face the consequences.And if one of your mates dies, you all die.

As you can see, this looks awesome. the bad part about this is that the DLC is an XBox exclusive!!! That's right, folks. Us PC Gamers who have supported the Fallout series since the beginning are left in the dust over this. I know I wasn't going to talk about XBox stuff here, but I just have to. There is no reason to not release this DLC for all us PC gamers. Microsoft makes it incredibly easy to release content simultaneously for both XBox and PC. Their tools just require the dev to write the release once, then compile for XBox, then compile again for PC. Same code, no effort. This is true for full game releases, too. So everything that is released for the XBox can be released for PC with no effort at all.

So, c'mon devs, start supporting us PC gamers for a change.

Good luck and good gaming
the folks at Psychsoftpc

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