Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Google will only take my car away when they pry the steering wheel from my cold, dead hand

Okay, as an American, I love to drive. Most Americans do. And I, like most Americans, love my car. To us, driving is a right of passage, you turn 16, you get to drive. It is so iconic that SWTOR actually put it in the game. Yes, they call it a speeder, but let's face it, it's a CAR! And owning a car is special, especially that first one. Even if it's a junk heap, it's ours. Cars represent freedom. We can go wherever we please, whenever we please. Need to go to the supermarket? Hop in the car. Want to hit Mcdonalds Drive through, hop in the car. Want to take Route 66 out to LA, hop in the car.

Well, Google wants to change all that with their robocars. Yes, cars that drive themselves are cool and all, but Google wants to go well beyond that. Google's aim is to eliminate driving altogether. If Google has its way, only Google robocars would be allowed on the road. On top of that, Google wants to ban the personal automobile! Yes, Google would have its own fleet of robotaxis, which would be the only cars allowed on the roads. Want to go to the supermarket, call a Google robotaxi. Want to hit the Mcdonalds drive through, call a Google robotaxi. Google is touting this as a safety issue, but let's be honest here, it is Google taking over another aspect of our daily lives for profit.

The result on the economy would be devastating, but Google would make out fine. ALL auto plants would close because only Google would be allowed to make cars. ALL gas and service stations would close, too, as well as all auto parts stores. Insurance companies would face massive layoffs. Not to mention all the taxi drivers that would be put out of work. And for what? To give Google more money and more control?

Let's just say NO to this. No, Google you cannot take away my car. No, Google, you can not take away my freedom. No, Google, you cannot control my life.

Remember, when cars are outlawed, only outlaws will have cars.

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