Monday, December 7, 2015

When It comes to gaming or life or even free pizza ask yourself What Would Lara Croft Do?

Seems like everyone & her sister is offering #Coupons or special deals for the holiday season. Well we @ Psychsoftpc are no exception. However, we are different and had to put some thought into what we could do that nobody else is doing. Something Gamer related. Something fun. So we thought what do gamers love more than gaming?

#Pizza of course!!! So we had that part, but what about the Coupon Code?  We couldn't just do pizza, that would be boring and we don't do boring. We had to come up with something #gamers would recognize, something gaming related. So we thought What Would Lara Croft Do? Aha! that's it! So our coupon code for free pizza with purchase of one of our awesome, incredibly fast gaming computers is WWLCD. And since we don't do anything half way this deal lasts the entire holiday season, not just one day or one weekend. So there you have it. Have fun and keep gaming.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

For Those Who Don’t Want to #OptOutside This #BlackFriday Psychsoftpc Says #StayIn

For Those Who Don’t Want to #OptOutside This Black Friday Psychsoftpc Says #StayIn

REI is closing on Black Friday and telling folks to get out and enjoy the outdoors instead with their #OptOutside campaign. We @ Psychsoftpc agree with the sentiment. Black Friday is just too much. Some stores even start it on Thanksgiving Day, causing some employees to miss time with the family. So if you’re the outdoorsy type, we say #OptOutside. But that’s not for everyone. So if you're the type of person who likes spending time indoors, especially if it’s raining or snowing like it sometimes does here in the Northeast, we say #StayIn.

There’s a lot to do inside your place. You can play computer games like Fallout 4, on PC of course. You can watch football. There’s going to be lots of football on TV that day. You can binge watch shows that you’ve missed like Blindspot or Supergirl or Dark Matter. You can spend time with the family. You can have that Turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce. You can even sleep in!  It all makes more sense than fighting crowds for a deal on something you don’t need or want anyway just to get a deal.

So with REI we @ Psychsoftpc say Stop the insanity! #OptOutside or #Stayin this #BlackFriday Your choice. Just don’t do the Black Friday thing.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Local Google Search change: what does it mean for small business?

Searching on Google now makes it possible for users to see which times of the day are busiest at local businesses based on foot traffic, mobile search queries, PC searches and location data. The question becomes what does this mean for local businesses and how will it effect them?

Well, first of all it's kind of scary the amount and detail of data Google keeps track of, isn't it? It could serve to draw in more customers at off peak hours or it could, more likely, just shift peak hours. This could be an interesting social experiment, not that Google pays any attention to social consequences of their actions. They did propose the elimination of the space bar, after all. 

Anyway if you know when peak traffic hours are, a store manager can move staff to better manage the customers. Businesses should be aware of all this anyway. What is interesting here is now the customer knows. So, you're a customer who needs a light bulb right away. You search for light bulbs and find several places that have them and see some are crowded and some are not. What do you do? Do you go to the least crowded store or think well if no one is going to this store there must be something wrong with it. Do you choose the store that is not too crowded but not too empty? Do you go to one of the crowded stores because you think that all those folks must know something and it must be a very good store? What about when it's not something you need right away? Do you fall into old habits and go to the store you always frequent? Do you wait a bit because Google says it's crowded now? Does everybody else do the same thing? We could find out a lot about people through this.

 Of course, it could drive patrons away. As Yogi Berra once said "nobody goes there anymore. it's too crowded" People want service and they want it now and they hate to wait, so they are naturally going to avoid crowded places and times.

You've all heard the term "Big Data". This is Big Data in action, and the information can be very useful to businesses of any size. The question becomes how does a business get hold of that data that Google collects specifically about them for analysis. I'm assuming that Google is keeping all this to themselves. But knowing what is bought and when and when a store is busiest can be of tremendous use to a store in terms of stock, staffing and number of checkout lanes to open., for example. 

 The other thing businesses should be aware of is that this could be used as a marketing focus. Come to our store we are never crowded, which of course will make the store crowded. Come to our store, we have added staff to serve you in peak hours. Come to our store, lots of people do and they all can't be wrong.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In Praise of the Space Bar & Why Google Shouldn't Eliminate It

Here @ Psychsoftpc, we make high performance graphics workstations and awesome gaming computers, so we naturally use them. This means we type, a lot. It also means we use our keyboards for gaming, a lot. A big part of typing and gaming is the spacebar, that wonderful long piece of plastic at the bottom of the keyboard where you rest your thumbs and press when you want to separate words or jump. And we all jump a lot, don't we. The space bar has been around since the invention of the typewriter and functioned admirably ever since. If you're a graphic artist, you use the spacebar, if you're a gamer, you use the spacebar, if you're a blogger / writer / tweeter you use the spacebar. If you use the computer for anything at all, you use the space bar. So it came as a surprise to us @ Psychsoftpc to learn that Google plans to eliminate the space bar on all its Chrome Books. This is either the dumbest marketing and product move since New Coke, the result of too many techies and not enough "regular folks" working at Google or the height of arrogance. The spacebar exists where it does for a reason. Those of us who actually know how to type as opposed to those who use their phone for Twitter and Facebook all the time use the spacebar often. I just used it 237 times! Without the spacebar all of these words would run together. How much fun would reading this post be then?

Google is still pushing these dumb machines (they have no operating system, no local storage and rely on an Internet connection to operate, so they are dumb machines) to schools. Students with these will have to learn to type on machines without a spacebar. Programming, home work, essay writing, even searching on Google will be more difficult. Do we really want our students to learn on machines that won't carry over to the real world?

We need the spacebar, let's fight to keep it.

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