Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In Praise of the Space Bar & Why Google Shouldn't Eliminate It

Here @ Psychsoftpc, we make high performance graphics workstations and awesome gaming computers, so we naturally use them. This means we type, a lot. It also means we use our keyboards for gaming, a lot. A big part of typing and gaming is the spacebar, that wonderful long piece of plastic at the bottom of the keyboard where you rest your thumbs and press when you want to separate words or jump. And we all jump a lot, don't we. The space bar has been around since the invention of the typewriter and functioned admirably ever since. If you're a graphic artist, you use the spacebar, if you're a gamer, you use the spacebar, if you're a blogger / writer / tweeter you use the spacebar. If you use the computer for anything at all, you use the space bar. So it came as a surprise to us @ Psychsoftpc to learn that Google plans to eliminate the space bar on all its Chrome Books. This is either the dumbest marketing and product move since New Coke, the result of too many techies and not enough "regular folks" working at Google or the height of arrogance. The spacebar exists where it does for a reason. Those of us who actually know how to type as opposed to those who use their phone for Twitter and Facebook all the time use the spacebar often. I just used it 237 times! Without the spacebar all of these words would run together. How much fun would reading this post be then?

Google is still pushing these dumb machines (they have no operating system, no local storage and rely on an Internet connection to operate, so they are dumb machines) to schools. Students with these will have to learn to type on machines without a spacebar. Programming, home work, essay writing, even searching on Google will be more difficult. Do we really want our students to learn on machines that won't carry over to the real world?

We need the spacebar, let's fight to keep it.

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