Monday, December 7, 2015

When It comes to gaming or life or even free pizza ask yourself What Would Lara Croft Do?

Seems like everyone & her sister is offering #Coupons or special deals for the holiday season. Well we @ Psychsoftpc are no exception. However, we are different and had to put some thought into what we could do that nobody else is doing. Something Gamer related. Something fun. So we thought what do gamers love more than gaming?

#Pizza of course!!! So we had that part, but what about the Coupon Code?  We couldn't just do pizza, that would be boring and we don't do boring. We had to come up with something #gamers would recognize, something gaming related. So we thought What Would Lara Croft Do? Aha! that's it! So our coupon code for free pizza with purchase of one of our awesome, incredibly fast gaming computers is WWLCD. And since we don't do anything half way this deal lasts the entire holiday season, not just one day or one weekend. So there you have it. Have fun and keep gaming.

Psychsoftpc Extreme Gamer PC