Friday, July 8, 2016

NVidia GTX1060 4k & Virtual Reality Ready Gaming GPU now in Psychsoftpc Psyborg Extreme Initiate Gamer PC Get your VR gaming on!

GTX 1060 4K & Virtual Reality Ready in Psychsoftpc gaming Computer

NVidia just released the latest Pascal based 4K Virtual Reality Ready Gaming GPU, the GTX 1060. With comparable specs to the GTX 980 at considerably less cost,the GTX 1060 brings affordability to the Virtual Reality Gaming space. We @Psychsoftpc of course have added this to our entry level Gamer PC, the Psyborg Initiate Gaming Computer, rounding out our VR Ready offerings with an entry level card that really screams.

Just look at the performance of this card on the latest games and Virtual Reality. This card will really smoke the competition. NVidia really outdid themselves this time. And when you compare it to the GTX 960 which it replaces, you can see how special this car truly is.

So if you're just starting out in gaming or are gaming on a budget, this card is for you. And our Psyborg Extreme Initiate Gamer PC is the perfect machine for it.

Psychsoftpc VR Ready gaming pc

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