Thursday, July 13, 2017

Psychsoftpc Gaming Computer Q and A

Folks have Questions about Gaming Computers We @Psychsoftpc have Answers

Are gaming computers good for work?

Of course. Gaming computers are after all computers, just better, faster, more powerful, better quality ones. In fact, gaming computers make excellent work computers because they will outperform those cheap desktops from the big box store or office supply store or those folks online that specialize in cheap machines meaning you will get more work done faster which will leave you more time to be creative and may even get you out of the office on time for a change.

Are gaming computers good for photo editing

Absolutely! Gaming computers have to have the latest, best graphics cards and CPUs (at least Psychsoftpc Gaming Computers do) and all that is important in photo editing, 3D modeling and rendering, 4K photo editing and display, even Virtual Reality. Just because they are called gaming computers doesn't mean you can't think of them as photo editing computers. What makes for great gaming is the same stuff that makes machines great for Photoshop. And the faster the machine the better for photo editing. Dana Farber had a machine they used for photo editing that took 2 hours to render one image. They got one of our machines and the same job took 3 minutes. So getting a gaming computer from Psychsoftpc can stop you wasting time just sitting around waiting and give you more time to be creative.

Are gaming computers good for music production

Yes with additions. While gaming computers give you the basics of horse power and speed to accomplish the task, you still need to add Midi devices and other music oriented add ons. We at Psychsoftpc of course can do that for you, we have in the past for some of the most prestigious music colleges in Boston and the rest of the USA as well as several music studios and individual artists. If you need anything customized, we are here to help.

Are gaming computers good for video editing

You Bettcha! The graphics displayed in video games are some of the highest quality, most demanding that can be found, and Psychsoftpc Gaming computers  can handle eve the most demanding of hose with ease. So a great gaming computer can handle video editing, 3D video rendering and virtual reality content creation because it was designed to handle games. It will handle scene rendering faster than your average desktop meaning you'll get the job done faster and get to post to Youtube faster than ever before

Can gaming computers be used for school

Of course. In fact with so much learning being done on line now and the importance of virtual reality content in education, gaming computers from Psychsoftpc are ideal for school work because they can handle virtual reality content, 4K displays, perform math and calculations faster than cheap computers and help students from lower grade levels to high school to college to graduate school get their tasks done more efficiently so they can spend more time on research or project creation. Everything is getting more complex and you need a faster machine to keep up with all those complexities. Gaming computers are designed to not only keep up with present challenges but future ones as well. These are not machines you will be replacing every year because something neew in software or graphics came along.

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