Thursday, November 2, 2017

Psychsoftpc Announces Turn Key Tesla Supercomputer Clusters

Psychsoftpc Announces Turn Key Tesla Supercomputer Clusters

Have you ever wondered what all the fastest supercomputers in the world have in common? Well the answer is NVidia Tesla Supercomputer Cards. And not in a single box at someone's desk, but in multiple machines configured as a cluster. That's right, folks are now clustering machines with Tesla Cards in them to form some of the fastest supercomputers on the planet. One Tesla based supercomputer box is pretty awesome. Imagine the power of dozens or hundreds all working in tandem to solve some of the most pressing problems in the universe or in a company or a research lab. The sheer computing power folks could bring to these problems is staggering. For years Psychsoftpc has been the leader in bringing folks the power of the Tesla Personal Supercomputer, being one of the first companies to offer them. They have also been making supercomputer clusters for decades and were the first and still one of only two companies to offer Turn Key Hadoop Clusters. So they thought why not take advantage of their vast experience and skill set and combine the two?  The folks at Psychsoftpc figured it's about time they tackled the Tesla Supercomputer Cluster as well and that's just they are doing.

Psychsoftpc announces that they are now offering a Turn Key Tesla Supercomputer Cluster hand crafted by Psychsoftpc to the public for the first time. Now most folks out there are offering boxes that people can cluster themselves if they have the skill or can find someone to do that for them. Some folks are offering consulting services to set up a Tesla HPC cluster for people but are not providing any hardware. For that, folks are on their own. Unlike these folks, Psychsoftpc is offering a turn Key Solution. With the Psychlone Tesla Supercomputer Cluster from Psychsoftpc everything is good to go right out of the box. Folks can just unpack, plug in and turn it on and they have a Tesla supercomputer cluster all ready to tackle their tasks. Folks wouldn't buy a car and then have to put parts in to get it to drive, would they? No, of course not. They expect to get the car, turn the key and start driving. So why would anyone buy an HPC Tesla Supercomputer Cluster or any cluster for that matter, and not expect the same thing? Especially if they are a small lab, school or business. These folks want a system that they can just unpack and go. The folks at Psychsoftpc heard this need and decided to fill it. That's why Psychsoftpc is offering a Tesla HPC Cluster system that is preconfigured and all set right out of the box to start solving problems.

Most folks know that Psychsoftpc has been making supercomputers for many years. In fact, the Psychlone Cluster Supercomputer, based on SUSE Linux, was their first product. Well, there is a new, hot technology that has taken over the Supercomputing HPC ranks, called the "Tesla Supercomputer Cluster" or GPU Supercomputer cluster, which makes use of Tesla Supercomputing Cards, or Supercomputing GPUs, from NVidia, to enable people to perform intensive computing tasks at lightning speed outperforming the traditional supercomputer clusters and taking over the top spots in Top, and Psychsoftpc just had to design one. So they are offering our own version of the Tesla Supercomputer Cluster, the Turn Key Psychlone Tesla Supercomputer Cluster featuring NVidia Tesla Supercomputing technology (they just had to call it "Psychlone", it's a tradition). 

Here are some of the things folks are doing with Tesla Supercomputer Clusters:

Data Science: A growing number of data scientists are using GPUs for big data analytics to make better, real-time business decisions. Folks have developed numerous techniques in Big Data Analytics around the use of GPU HPC Clusters, such as machine learning, deep learning, searching, and sorting.

Bioinformatics and Life Sciences: Sequencing and protein docking are very compute-intensive tasks that see a large performance benefit by using Tesla Supercomputer Clusters.

Defense: Tesla Supercomputer Clusters give everyone from the military to analysts the performance to convert large amounts of data into actionable information while reducing costs and the power necessary to complete the mission. Today, aerospace, defense, and intelligence industries are taking advantage of Tesla Based Supercomputer Clusters for better, more data-informed decision making.

Weather, Atmospheric, Ocean Modeling, and Space Sciences: Several weather and ocean modeling applications such as WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting model) and Tsunami simulations are achieving tremendous speedups that enable savings in time and improvements in accuracy with HPC Tesla Supercomputer Clusters.

Machine Learning: Data scientists in both industry and academia have been using Tesla Supercomputer Clusters for machine learning to make groundbreaking improvements across a variety of applications including Artificial Intelligence, image classification, video analytics, speech recognition and natural language processing. In particular, Deep Learning the use of sophisticated, multi-level deep neural networks to create systems that can perform feature detection from massive amounts of unlabeled training data is an area that has been seeing significant investment and research.

Computational Chemistry: HPC Tesla Supercomputer Clusters enable computational chemistry and biology researchers to push the boundaries of discovery. Compared to CPUs, GPUs like those found in the Psychlone Tesla Supercomputer Clusters run common molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, visualization, and docking applications many times faster allowing for more testing and speedier results.

Medical Imaging: Medical imaging is one of the earliest applications to take advantage of GPU computing to get acceleration. The use of GPUs in this field has matured to the point that there are several medical modalities available for HPC computing with Tesla Supercomputer Clusters now.

Blockchain: The technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain requires lots of computing power to "mine" (really solve a computational puzzle) for bitcoin. GPU computing and in particular, NVidia Tesla based supercomputer clusters like those from Psychsoftpc are the way to go for folks who want to get into blockchain, which is a particularly hot technology right now for numerous applications apart from cryptocurrency. Standard computers with only CPUs just can't cut it

Speaking of tradition, folks can expect the same quality and attention to detail in this HPC Psychlone Tesla Supercomputer Cluster that is present in all of the other Psychsoftpc products.

Dr Tim Lynch

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