Monday, November 20, 2017

Stop the insanity! Say no to the Black Friday madness and #JustStayIn

Lots of folks are sick of the Black Friday hype. Fighting crowds for some loss leader that disappears in an instant, limited quantity "deals" on some brand you have never heard of and just trying to find parking is a hassle. We @Psychsoftpc agree with the sentiment. Black Friday is just too much. Some stores even start it on Thanksgiving Day at dinner time, causing some employees to miss time with the family and die hard shoppers to miss Thanksgiving Dinner. I saw one store is opening at 2PM Thanksgiving Day!!! It was bad enough when Black Friday was limited to actual Friday, now it's Thursday too? This is just insane. Then there are all the crowds to deal with, all the pushing and shoving for that "special deal". And for what? Most "Bargains" aren't really bargains at all. So if you're like us and are sick of the Black Friday hype machine and are the type of person who likes spending time indoors, especially if it’s raining or snowing like it sometimes does here in the Massachusetts, we at Psychsoftpc say just say no to the Black Friday madness and #JustStayIn.

There’s a lot for folks to do inside their place. They can play computer games like Overwatch, on PC of course. They can watch football. There’s going to be lots of football on TV that day. They can binge watch shows that they've missed like Blindspot or Supergirl or Van Helsing. They can spend time with the family. They can have that Turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce. They can even sleep in! It all makes more sense than fighting crowds for a deal on something they don't need or want anyway just to get a deal. 

So we @ Psychsoftpc say Stop the insanity! Enjoy time with your friends and family or even some quiet time alone and this Black Friday #JustStayIn. Don't do the Black Friday thing. There will be plenty of true bargains with a lot less crowds to fight in the coming weeks.

Your Gamer Friends @ Psychsoftpc


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